Do you go into life’s challenges with your heart first? 

And you know you've got it in you to be all that you imagine...

but maybe you just need a little guidance to turn all your talent, hard work & potential into a successful business? 

Yes? Well this is the place for you.

If you have no Plan B for your wedding business, because success is your only option, there is no question that you will want to be a part of this.

Over just 4 Lessons, I'll be sharp-shooting the KEY SUCCESS AREAS that you need to take charge of when it comes to starting-up a new business or growing an established business in the fiercely competitive wedding industry.  

We'll be sharing these top WEDDING BUSINESS SUCCESS SECRETS:

  • SECRET #1 - Foundations of Success
  • SECRET #2 - Vision, Mission, Values
  • SECRET #3 - Branding & Your Dream Couple
  • SECRET #4 - Money Management!

Ok, we get it! On paper (ooops we are in the digital age so I should say ‘on screen’) these are not the most glamourous aspects to running a wedding business, but to let you in on a little known secret - they are without a doubt the most important, so you want to be all over them! 

[[ These 4 core topics will play the biggest role in laying the foundation of your success ]]

We won’t say you can thank us later, because we aren’t going anywhere. 

We’ll be right there with you the whole way. That’s The Wedding Experts difference.  

Get your hands on our exclusive Wedding Business training materials, support and mentoring, delivered daily via:  

  • Exclusive FB PopUp Group
  • Video [Power-packed in under 10 minutes]
  • Downloadable slides
  • Workbook
  • Daily Group Q&A
  • NO FLUFF [who's got time for that?]  

[[ This challenge is the first step towards building a lifestyle that you love and a job that fulfills you creatively, professionally and personally ]]

Speaking of the warm and fuzzies, we love nothing more than hearing amazing success stories from our wonderful community, who are kicking goals in their business every day.  

Take a look at what the lovely Emilie from PopUp Gardens had to say recently: 

"I often hear people say that one of the most difficult parts of being an entrepreneur or running your own small business is that it can be lonely and isolating working on your own at home a lot. I can honestly say that I have never really felt like this. Right from the beginning, I became part of this membership and this community, and have felt supported and encouraged all along the way. Jennie connects people and makes everyone feel welcome and appreciated." 

Let’s Kick-Start 2018 Together …

Hello there my friend, 

You might be wondering, "who is this person who wants me to succeed so badly in my wedding business?" Well... I'm Jennie, founder of The Wedding Experts and Wedding Business Coach.

  • I love helping wedding professionals start-up new businesses and take their established businesses to new heights. 
  • Wherever you're at now, I've been there and I understand. I GET IT.
  • I've experienced the highs and the lows of running a wedding business. 
  • I've been in the trenches with you and I've stood back and marvelled at the extraordinary wedding we just created. 
  • I ran and then successfully sold my beautiful Wedding Floristry business on the Southern Highlands, so I could build Australia’s first and largest online community of Wedding Professionals. 
  • You may have guessed it, like most creatives and professionals in this industry - I’m pretty obsessed with weddings and the industry.
  • But most importantly I’m here to show you how laying the right foundations for your business can create a lifestyle that until now, you could only ever dream about. 

Come and join me....

I have created this FREE 4-Day Wedding Business Kick-Start Challenge to get you closer to your Big Goals.

I can't wait to get to know you and your business, and get started together on an epic 2018. 

~ Jennie.

Cheers! To your Wedding Business SUCCESS!